Mommy Can We Buy One Analysis

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Madysen Rhyne Period:2 Tradition
Imagine, 3 generations of women walking in the frigid temperatures. The women hear the different languages spoken, the cars in the traffic honking and trying to get out. As they walk they smell the fresh Apple Strudel with warm cinnamon apples on the inside and the crisp and light crust coating on the outside. A little girl says “Mommy can we buy one?” Think of the mother responding with
“Honey you just had a cookie, no eat something healthy.”
The little girl responds, “It has apples, it’s healthy!” The mother chuckles and walks by and the little girl tries the puppy dog look on her mother. The little girl, the mother and grandmother all got to try the sweet taste of the German ketchup. The difference is in America the Ketchup barley has flavor, but in Germany it is sweet and delightful, with a kick to it! The trio went to their most favorite part of all was going into a house of glass. To get into the house of glass there are lines upon lines that feel like an eternity. When you leave the cold air and enter into the house of glass, you are in a different world! …show more content…

As an example, there is a tradition that you must put a glass bird on your tree and you must hide a pickle as well. The parent’s hide the pickle and on Christmas day, legend has it, it will give whoever finds it good luck. When I was starstruck at the beauty of my culture, my grandmother bought a piece of German treasure and gave it to my mother as a Christmas present. My grandmother bought this tree topper that sparkled, glossed and so unique! When we went to the house of glass it changed for me. I felt that I was closer to my culture than I was before my grandmother bought that tree

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