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Case Introduction Monique Johnson is a 36 year-old, African American, who was raised in Ashland, Louisiana. Monique came from a low socio-economic background. Monique’s parents had four children; Monique, Leshawn, Joshua, and Jamar. As a child, Monique was shown that violence was the way to resolve conflicts. Monique’s father was psychologically, emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive towards Monique. Monique’s father would frequently tell Monique that he had wished she had been a boy. Monique never felt worthy of her father’s love. Monique disclosed that she tried gaining her father’s love by becoming perfect in every way. Monique disclosed that she became obsessed with being thin, and felt that she was “too fat” (M. Johnson, Personal…show more content…
It can best be explained by what each letter represents: Cognitive- Thinking Behavior- action and response Therapy-linking the thinking to the response. The Cognitive reconstructing objective is to increase more comfort in a client’s life, create an ability to tolerate stress in a client’s life, and to find meaning and acceptance in the behavior or situation presented. Behavior change provides an outline in the process of creating change in cognition, elects the behavior that is desired, and applies the effective punishment for the unacceptable…show more content…
She admits to feeling depressed, and having negative cognitions about her inability to become perfect. These feelings have produced negative thoughts/emotions, which perpetuate a sense of worthlessness. Furthermore, Beck’s cognitive model encapsulates that “people’s interpretations of negative life events play a role in the experience of depression. He argued that depressed individuals hold negative beliefs or schemas. These schemas… involve themes of loss, inadequacy, interpersonal rejection and worthlessness” (Beck, 1991, p. 269). Comparatively, Mor & Haran (2009), presumes that CBT supports individuals in evaluating their distorted thought patterns. Thus, being able to improve their moods along with their ability to cope with stress (p.

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