Monkey Symbolism In Inherit The Wind

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Symbolism is a great way to show and express great ideas with a strength to a reader. Symbolism shows a big idea through an object in the stories. In the play Inherit the Wind written by Robert E. Lee and Jerome Laurence, multiple strong symbols were used to express messages. A radio is used to represent the growth in technology. In addition, the Golden Dancer a rocking horse expresses that you should look at the truth and facts and not be deceived by appearance. Lastly, a monkey symbolizes evolution of humans as they are descended from them, according to “Darwin 's Theory”. The growth of Technology can be seen from the use of a radio. During the trial, the radio man broadcasts the trial all over the USA for the first time. The use of the radio shows not only evolution in humans, but the way we evolved into more modern people. Technology is on the rise and it’s becoming more advanced. The radioman says, “We have a direct wire to WGN, Chicago. As soon as the jury comes in, we’ll announce the verdict”(Lawrence and Lee 111). This shows that even though the trial is in Hillsboro,Tennessee, there is a connection all the way in Chicago. Such technology hasn’t been …show more content…

The monkey symbolises evolution of humans as we came from them. Melinda hands a penny over to a monkey and it takes it, showing that humans are very alike. Humans too, are greedy and have a matching nature. Hornbeck says after the monkey takes the penny “How could you ask of better proof than that? There 's the father of the human race!”(Lawrence and Lee 16). Hornbeck delivers a message saying humans and monkeys have alike things between them. As the monkey took the coin, it shows it is the father, the oldest member of the human race. The monkey represents the evolution of humans. Humans have changed and evolved a lot, but it all started with the monkeys, humans and monkeys many similarities even after their

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