The Monkey's Paw Sequel: Tristan, Hannah, And Brock

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The Monkey’s Paw Sequel

This story is about three Irish teenagers, Tristan, Hannah, and Brock. These teenagers discover the monkey’s paw in an old box when looking for board games. They research the paw, and then wish on it. The first wish is made by Brock, who wished for him to pass his exam, making the monkey’s paw curl down a finger. When Tristan took ownership of the paw, all wishes were renewed. This was proven by the finger curling up again. The first wish Tristan made was to see if it would work, and it was to see if his parents could get back together from their divorce. He walked upstairs and learned the paw was legitimate due to his father reconnecting with his mother. He later wished for a puppy, and learned the ways of the paw by discovering the puppy was a scroungy, dirty mutt. Lastly, he wishes for a new best friend after his best friends don 't believe him, and think he stole their wishes. What he doesn 't realize is that he would get a bestfriend, but not in any way he imagined.

Takes place in Galway, Ireland, with Hannah, 16, red hair, freckles, …show more content…

I’m at a 96%. Just come over to my house after school and i 'll help you study for exams.

Brock: I’m fine, really. I just need to focus more in class. I 'll come over for Death Racer 5 though.

Hannah: Death Racer 5? I’m down!

Tristan: Okay, but only if you’re positive you 're going to pass. I can 't go to senior year without my bestfriend.

Brock: Yep, I’ll do just fine. Death Racer it is then?

Tristan: Death Racer it is.

(Cuts to a scene of them in Tristan’s dusty garage, with a storm brewing outside, sitting down on a lumpy, tattered couch in front of a console and T.V. They attempt to turn the console, but a black screen remains)

Brock: It must be because of the storm, we should try

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