Moon Landings Are Real Essay

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The Moon Landings are Real

The issue with the moon landings in the 1960’s is that no one knows if they’re real or not. I’m sure most people believe they’re real, but there are some doubters out there. The problem being that some people believe it without real hard evidence to back them up. I’m here to show you what you should really believe.

It is my personal belief that the moon landings are very real. So today I’m going to set out to bring you around to my side of the argument. This essay will include many reasons and evidence so that by the end there will be very little doubt that I’m right.

The evidence for the faked moon landings are actually pretty convincing, but I will convince you they are wrong. Some people believe that the moon rocks the astronauts brought back are actually from some kind of meteorite that might have crashed into the moon. The scientists can actually prove that the rocks …show more content…

This points to the fact that they filmed the whole thing in a studio. But I know that the Soviet Union had previously sent unmanned probes before the U.S. What could have happened is the Soviet Union carved the “c” into the rock. Or it 's just a little coincidence.

Time to switch gears and tell you why I am right, with evidence. First off, there were thousands of people working on this space project. They would all have to be bribed to keep the biggest secret in history. It just doesn 't add up. Really I can understand that some people didn 't know about it being fake. But you still have all the film crews that have to keep quiet. There’s just no sense in it.

Now that we’ve covered that, we will talk about mirrors. When the astronauts went to the moon, they left mirrors. So when the scientists at NASA fired lasers at the mirrors, the lasers reflected off the mirrors and came back to Earth. There’s really nothing else to say about the

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