Analysis Of John Kessel's 'Creating The Innocent Killer'

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Creating the Innocent killer
Creating the innocent killer by John Kessel is a narrative essay stating his opinion about the book Ender 's Game By Orson Scott Card. Every book has a general theme that the author intends for the reader to learn. This theme can be interpreted in many ways, sometimes bringing controversy to the subject. Ender’s Game, written by Orson Scott Card, is claimed to be a work of moral fiction. Card believes he is teching through his book that the morality of an act is based solely on the intentions of the person acting. On the other hand, John Kessel, a writer, thinks the book is about making the readers feel bad for the main character Enderx. Kessel’s evidence that the book is not a work of moral fiction is through the points of the defeated being ignored, intention-based morality failing to make sense, and Mr.Wiggins always receiving the sympathy of the victim. …show more content…

Normally, when someone dies in a book, the aftermath is usually included. This is so the reader connects to the family on a deeper level, yet in the book the dead are forgotten and only occasionally brought up. Bonzo and Stilson are not only killed but are brushed off like they were not even people. We did not even find out about Stilson’s death Until a lot of pages later. The reader is never told any information about the death and the aftermath in hope of reducing the chance that they will judge the smallest Wiggin. The forgotten dead only reinforces Kessel’s idea that the book is written to make readers feel bad for the Speaker for the

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