Most Dangerous Game And High Noon: A Comparative Analysis

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We may not always choose to be put in tough situations, but they are inevitable and there is no option but to try to solve the conflict, and in this case, escape death. In the story, The Most Dangerous Game written by Richard Connell, a world renowned hunter falls off a yacht and is stranded on an island where he learns what it 's like to be hunted. In the story, High Noon by Carl Foreman, a sheriff must protect himself from a criminal that seeks revenge, while postponing his life with his new spouse. In both the book and the film, similar conflicts are presented, but the setting and characters of both greatly differ, creating two original, unique stories. The setting in a story can greatly impact the plot and resolution, as it does in High…show more content…
The protagonists share opposite lives while sharing vague similarities and the antagonists are merely the same. "I wanted the ideal animal to hunt," explained the general. "So I said, `What are the attributes of an ideal quarry? ' And the answer was, of course, `It must have courage, cunning, and, above all, it must be able to reason" '(Connell). This is General Zaroff 's response to Rainsford when having a conversation about hunting. Rainsford says there is no animal that uses logic and reason, and General Zaroff 's mentions the human. Zaroff hunts men for his personal pleasure. The antagonist in High Noon, Frank Miller, hunts men for revenge. His plan is to kill Will Kane, because Kane is the man that sent Miller to jail for murder. Although the protagonists of these two stories, Will Kane and Sanger Rainsford, each have their own lives, they both are put in similar situations, as they are both underdogs while their opponent has the upper hand. Zaroff knows the island on which they play the game while using dogs and traps to try to kill Rainsford, who has no prior knowledge to the land, and nothing other than himself and a knife, Miller has other men that will fight with him to kill Kane, while Kane has no one that is willing to help him. The similarities between the characters stop here, because only one of the heroes actually is changed by the events in the story. The protagonist that changes from the beginning of the story to the end is Rainsford. He is a hunter but learns what it is like to be the huntee, and gets a new perspective on killing for sport. Will Kane has no transformation from the beginning to the end of High Noon. He starts off as an average western sheriff, that only kills for self defense and protection of his town, and is the same person after killing Miller. Each character in the book and movie has their own
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