Mother Teresa's Contribution To Poverty Peace

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Mother Theresa was a religious icon who manifested humanitarian aid on the pretense of religious

mandate. She is commonly known for her donations to charity and her contributions in the fight against

poverty. She is known to have built multiple homes for the misfortunate, soup kitchens, mobile clinics,

orphanages and more. Mother Teresa is largely celebrated not only for her generosity but also she plays

a significant role in allowing the poor to access spiritual solace. In the year 1997, Mother Teresa was

awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her impeccable contributions to poverty combat which was seen as a

threat to peace.

This fallacy is one that is often questioned as the correlation between poverty and peace is so vaguely

and subjectively determined. Whilst other laureates were granted the award for either, 1) the most or

the best work for fraternity between nations,2) for the abolition or reduction of standing armies or 3)for

the holding and promotion of peace congresses, Mother Teresa earned the award without translating

her efforts into valuable outcomes contrary to how Aung San Suu Kyi won the prize by promoting

democracy in Myanmar or how Nelson Mandela won the prize for ending the apartheid regime. Mother

Teresa was continuously criticized for the inconsistency within her principles. This is because she had

failed to ensure the productivity let alone maintenance of her facilities. The world has been deceived

into believing that her
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