Summary Of The Movie 'Pilot'

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ELLENOR “ELLE” SINGER, (18), an empathetic, strong-willed, aspiring photographer, wakes on the morning of her 18th birthday after an unsettling nightmare about the day her mother died. A horrible car-wreck in which Elle was present, as a six-year old child.

While this leaves her with a sense of dread, she focuses on celebrating her birthday and her upcoming departure to Boston University. She meets with her father, JASON SINGER (40’s), an overprotective dad, widower, and police detective, at the prescient and makes a scarily accurate observation on one of his cases. With information she couldn’t have known.

Things get even weirder when her new roommate, AMANDA BONETA,(18), bubbly, and promiscuous, but with a huge heart, ends up …show more content…

It features weekly cases and story lines with satisfying episodic conclusions - both supernatural and otherwise. Each of those stories feeds into a broader story arc of Elle’s journey into solving the murders of both Amanda and her mother.

HOURS 2, 3

I’m Not Calling You A Liar

Elle learns the hocking truth of her witch heritage after she confronts her grandmother, NORA WARREN (70’s), warm, wise and loving, about recent events. Nora decided to bind her powers after her mother’s death to keep her safe - and to lock their spell book away as any excessive amount of magic can be sensed by other witches. The binding spell, however, broke once Elle’s life was in danger…when the car almost ran her over.

Elle returns home and angrily confronts her father about hiding this secret from her and storms out…after involutely causing a power blackout in the home. While struggling with feeling responsible for Amanda’s death, Elle continues to aid Jack with planning her memorial. She attempts to balance all of this, along with her classes as she starts her new …show more content…

When a young woman is raped on campus and feels like the university police aren’t doing enough to help her, she reaches out to Jack. Elle and Jack take on her story together with Elle as the photographer.

When Elle later views her photos, her vision partially reveals the person responsible. It leads them in the direction of the victim’s ex-boyfriend. When his alibi turns out to be solid, Elle goes to her dad to talk through what she saw.

The two of them determine that the rapist might have been someone the girl trusted…The experience causes Elle to visit Sutton and tell her the truth. Though it initially causes weirdness between the two, Elle is relieved to find her friend is accepting.

HOUR S, 4,5,6,

Long & Lost

Strange occurrences start surrounding Elle’s sociology professor - lights going haywire in his office, items ending up not where she left him...And after one lecture, Elle’s found out the source. There’s a ghost attached to

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