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In the Novel The Stranger by Albert Camus, the story Depicts the life of Meursault a man who lives a pretty normal life. In this essay I will be talking about Mr Salamano and his dog. I think that Salamano is a pretty interesting character because because his style is comparable to his dog. He has scabs on his face and talks to himself and his dog sometimes. The only friend that Salamano has is his dog and Meursault, but Meursault is friends with everyone. Salamano is a great example of a character in this novel whose style reflects his personality. In this essay Albert Camus writes about Salamano as being a bitter old man that everyone is kind of scared of. Salamano's speech can be shown through the way that he talks about his dog. "Filthy Stinking Bastard" (page 27). In this quote Salamano is talking about his dog and it shows that Salamano has a bad temper and that He probably treats his dog kind of like a person. Maybe Salamano does not love his dog, but it is the only thing that he has with him, he is described as pitiful and not popular at all, he is also pretty ugly so making other friends besides his dog or meursault is going to be pretty hard for him. …show more content…

"on his masters stooped look, muzzle down, neck straining." (pg 27). After Salamano's wife died it was probably pretty hard for him to acclimate to life again. He probably started getting really depressed then getting really sick because he probably was not showering or being healthy. I have a feeling that Salamano's dog and Salamano probably both started getting sick with age, "You did not know him before he got sick. His coat was the best thing about him." (page 45) I bet that after Mrs. Salamano died Mr. Salamano and his dog both began to get

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