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Soup Soup is well suited for various occasions and can be prepared in many different ways, making it the perfect meal. Soup is a short story written by the New Yorker which focuses on Albert Yeganeh and his passion for soup. Mr. Yeganeh is the owner and operator of a small soup shop called Soup Man. His unique style of customer service and delicious soups have made his small shop into a popular attraction. Soup efficiently describes Albert Yeganeh’s unique attitude towards soups through descriptive vocabulary, metaphors, and dialog which helps the reader connected throughout. The creativity soup offers makes any meal a possibility. Throughout the story, the author uses specific details and lists to brilliantly portray the many minute details Mr. Yeganeh considered when creating his diverse selection of soups. Mr. Yeganeh has a strong passion for creating new soups and alters his menu every day. The author makes this idea is quite prevalent throughout the story with his use of extensive descriptive lists, naming over 20 soups in total.
He also thoroughly describes the tedious process Mr. Yeganeh makes his employees go through to ensure his soup and his kitchen are as healthy and clean as …show more content…

He goes so far as to describe Mr. Yeganeh as “a demon alchemist in a tiny storefront kitchen” (“Soup”). The author also uses a variety of quotes throughout his story to help the reader understand Mr. Yeganeh’s reasoning for the way he runs his shop, as well as to make the readers feel as though they had been to the restaurant themselves. Many times, the author uses quotes of Mr. Yeganeh’s interactions with customers to help the reader more fully understand his distinctive perspective on customer service. With the use of quotes and metaphors the author effectively portrays Mr. Yeganeh’s unique point of view and strange attitude are well described throughout the

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