Ms. Cabral Leadership Summary

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Practice Dimension/ Ethics/ Resource Utilization:

Ms. Cabral applies the nursing process to systems or processes at the unit/team/work group level to improve care. She is the primary nurse for five of our chronic dialysis patients promoting safe high quality care. She involves the patient and their families in monthly interdisciplinary care plan meetings to promote self-efficacy and quality of life. She continually evaluates the patient 's health status. The effectiveness of her patient 's plan of care is reevaluated on a regular basis and changes are made for continuous improvements. Ms. Cabral’s primary patients have maintained 100% dialysis adequacy over the last year. She is also actively involved as a member of the unit’s
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Cabral is well respected by staff, patients, and families and is respectful of others as well. She makes appropriate referrals to other disciplines to promote continuity and Veteran centered care. Ms. Cabral developed a monthly note template with pertinent nursing diagnosis, interventions and patient goals that are now being used exclusively by staff. She provides nursing care that is environmentally safe and healthy and does so with good infection control practice. Under her leadership there have been 0 incidences of blood stream infections or transmission. Ms. Cabral is 100% compliant with the use of safety devices for patients with catheters being tracked on a daily basis as part of the unit’s safety program.

Ms. Cabral is the coordinator of the Anemia Management program which consistently has outcomes above the national benchmark. With the loss of the electronic documentation system, Ms. Cabral developed a new patient flowsheet which she is continually updating to fulfill the documentation needs of the Veterans treatment.
Ms. Cabral supports and enhances patient self-determination and follows the ANA code of ethics for nurses. She helps support the patient’s wishes when determining end of life care. She serves as a resource for patients, families and staff in addressing ethical issues and directs them appropriately to the palliative care team and or Medical Center Chaplin.

Professional Development/ Educational/
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Cabral acquires knowledge and skills to maintain expertise in her area of practice. She attended the annual network meeting and shared new changes in clinical practice. It was an opportunity to network with other nurses in the field to share best practices. She actively participates in educational activities to improve clinical knowledge and enhance role performance. Ms. Cabral is an active member of NPSB. She collaborates with others to evaluate the RN’s dimensions of nursing practice to determine eligibility or not for promotion. She has been helpful in providing guidance to her co-workers in proficiency writing. Renee has trained, and is now competent in providing Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal dialysis/Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis to the Veterans. She took part in the Baxter training seminars and work closely with the Baxter educator, and PD coordinator. She rotates on-call with other colleagues to provide hemodialysis and peritoneal treatments in the event of an emergency during off hours.

Ms. Cabral has the responsibility of evaluating the unit performance as measured against the Joint Commission standards on a quarterly basis and takes action to correct any deficits that may be found. Ensuring compliance keeps the unit continuously ready for inspection. The visit by the Joint Commission consultant resulted in a deficiency free survey.

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