Muhammad Leaving Mecca Research Paper

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Muhammad has had numerous experiences prior to him leaving Mecca. One significant experience is when he was an orphan and lived the ideal Arab lifestyle because this lifestyle allowed the Arab values and culture be taught to children.Muhammad was praying in a cave located on the outside of Mecca. While he was praying, it is believed that the Angle Gabriel visited him. Gabriel 's voice told Muhammad that he was the messenger of God and commanded him recite the words the angle was saying. Muhammad repeated what the angel told him to repeat and those words are the first verses of the Qur 'an. Following this revelation, Muhammad began enlightening and teaching others in Mecca about morality, social justice, and the Day of Judgement. In many cases, his preaching were not accepted by the others.

One challenged faced by the early umma in Medina was conflict with Quraysh tribe. They still felt that Muhammad was a threat. The tribe would raid and inflict economical problems, which in resulted an increase of tension. As a result of this tension, Battle of Badr was established. A battle between 900 Mecca forces and 300 Muslims at a caravan, Badr. Muslims forces strongly defeated the Meccan forces, which the Qur 'an states this is a development of the spirit and …show more content…

One major event from the Righly Guided Caliphs through the Umayyad and Abbasid period was leadership over the Muslim community, which resulted in the crisis of succession. Due to the sucession, it created another major event. This event lead the development of the two major branches of Islam: Sunni and Shi 'a. Muslim rule spread through out North Africa and Central Asia, this lead to claims that caliphs discriminated against non-Arab Muslims. This claim lead to a Battle of Camel. This is a major event because it was the first battle to have Muslim against Muslim. They settled the dispute; however, there was a group who still disapproved and succeed, called Kharijites. This group is responsible for the murder

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