Muscular Dystrophy Research Papers

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Muscular Dystrophy Muscular dystrophy is a genetic disease or genetic disorder. Muscular dystrophy is when someone doesn’t have any muscle mass. In the article “Muscular Dystrophy: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments” it says that “The most common form of muscular dystrophy – Duchenne muscular dystrophy – typically affects young boys, but other variations can strike in adulthood.”(Tim Newman) Muscular dystrophy is when your muscles wear away and don’t really ever come back. In the same article it says that “Muscular dystrophy occurs in both genders and can strike at any age. However, Duchenne muscular dystrophy in the most common form and is most likely to occur in young boys.”(Tim Newman) Many people who have this genetic disorder usually walk on their toes and have trouble walking in general. Most people who have this genetic problem will eventually be in a wheelchair bound the rest of their life. …show more content…

In another article called “Muscular Dystrophy Life Expectancy” says “Duchenne muscular dystrophy is the most common childhood form of muscular dystrophy. This condition is associated with a short lifespan. In most of the cases, children will need a wheelchair as teenagers, and they usually die in their early 20s. However, some people may live up to 40 years.” After reading this article it is sad to say that not many people live a very long life with this disorder, but I read the comments below saying that they have Limb-girdle disease and they are still alive at the age of 73 years old. I suppose the type of muscular dystrophy you have and your body type will vary on how long that they may

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