Mutant Sg At Horn Creek Analysis

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Sarah K. Castle, in her science fiction “The Mutant Stag at Horn Creek” develops the story to tell the nature-culture hybrids and its effect on human-kind and other creatures. The story sets in one location called “Horn Creek” and the main character “Sue” a park ranger and a narrator of the story. The author shows the effect of human meddling with natures at the very beginning of the story. A “Grand Canyon” which is the story plays had been mined and it starts to be closed for visitors and Horn Creek was one of them. In this fiction author is more about to say that humankind intervention in nature is the reason for the natural world disaster.
In the same way nature and human kinds are closely related and cannot be separated; or cannot deny the presence of one another. At the Anthropocene epoch, humankind seems to have control over the nature in some extent, despite that nature wait its time and respond how it’s been treated. At this epoch “human-kind has caused mass extinctions of the planet and animal species, polluted the oceans and altered the atmosphere” (Stromberg, np). Moreover, in “The Mutant at Horn Creek” the author shows how humankind will alter the natural world and its effect in the …show more content…

According to Castle, there is a strong correlation between natures and humankind, which gives an opportunity for a human to hybrid the nature. There is no humankind without nature, and human’s daily life is related to the natural environment; though how human handles the nature matters. The fiction shows how human culture hybrids the natural environment and its effect, “the mine there had started out chasing copper, it ended up in high-grade uranium” (Castle 454). The author tries to emphasize how strong is its effect; the main character “Sue” didn’t want to drink or can’t drink water that comes out from that canyon ground because that water is acidic, and she preferred to hand twenty pounds of water on her back

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