Personal Narrative: Reading And Writing: A Learning Experience

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A Learning Experience: Reading and Writing
Through most of my adolescent years, reading books and writing my thoughts took patience that I lacked and a desire my mind could not want for. But as the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. I know now that we are fortunate to have the opportunities to learn to read and write at such a young age. We are willingly and eagerly taught by our families, friends, neighbors, and teachers at school. But I find myself wondering, what about those that were not so lucky? People like Frederick Douglass, a slave in the 1800 's who had to use unusual means to learn the standard education that is awarded today. Even though we grew up worlds apart, in time and place, I come to find I have much more in common with him than I would have ever expected.
I grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, OH. I lived with my father, mother, and …show more content…

He noticed the letters in a shipyard to help with the first few, then took to unconventional lessons from the boys in the neighborhood. When little Master Thomas returned from school, he would bring home copy books. Frederick took to using those copy books while his mistress was away and studied them every day until he could write. Douglass could only practice when he was alone, and his Master and Mistress were away. It took years of practice, but he finally completed the education he sought. Even though Frederick Douglass and I lived in a different time and were not awarded the same kind of education, we did share some things that I would have never expected. We learned that an education is beneficial to us, a book can change our life, and we can do anything we put our minds to. We both found it was not an easy road to be able to fully read and write and we did struggle. But with time, patience, and determination we both carried out our goals, I learned the joy in reading and found out the benefits to write, and Douglass received his forbidden

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