My First Concussions

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First concussion When you receive your very first concussion you must follow the steps and you have to know what's wrong. The reason you got your concussion is because your head violently crushed into your skull and became bruised. It's just like newton's first law because an object that is in motion stays in motion. As you experience your first concussion you may symptoms and not feel 100% for a while. To help your recovery your concussion you may need to do some of the following: rest, no phone, do not watch tv, refrain from work, do not read, etc because this will cause the recovery stage to be longer and could cause brain damage. The chances of you making a full recovery are pretty good and you should be able to return to activities. When going back to your activities be careful because a second concussion could cause serious brain damage. Second concussion …show more content…

A couple of the conditions you can get are Epilepsy in which you will have seizures. Another possibility is second impact syndrome which causes your brain to faitily swell up. Second impact syndrome is the most dangerous condition because it is when your first concussion doesn't heal correctly and your body loses its ability to be able to control the pressure of your brain so it lets your brain swell up which may lead to death. Recovery in this stage will take longer this time because you need give your brain time to rest and not be active for a while. If you are in sports and this is the second one you have received, you may want to stop playing the sport or move on to another

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