Argumentative Essay On Eunice Kennedy's Life

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When my cousin was born with a genetic disorder, her family looked forward to a hopeful future. If she had been born nearly 50 years before, she would’ve been segregated from the public because she was different. My hero, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, spent her whole life to create that inclusive world. Eunice had an older sister who had an intellectual disability, but the Kennedy's didn't seclude her from their daily adventures. She fought for everything her sister didn't have, even when it seemed like her current world would never see past society's labels. Eunice displayed more tenacity towards the individuals she was working with than most people, especially at Camp Shriver, a self-run summer camp. Giving her own time to work as a coach, mentor, and teacher, Eunice showed patience and a loving nature. Her younger sister, Jean, once stated, "Eunice, a natural leader, was particularly gentle" (Smith 149). Growing up in a very athletic family and excelling in most sports put Eunice in the position …show more content…

This includes two political sons assassinated, a son killed in WWII, a daughter die in an airplane crash, and another daughter become incapacitated due to a failed lobotomy surgery. Yet, during all the turmoil in her and rough patches in her life, Eunice always remained selfless. For example, on July 10, 1968, only a few weeks after Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated, the first Special Olympic games were held with Eunice at the wheel. There were over 1,000 athletes from 26 states and Canada, all having some degree of an intellectual disability. Camp Shriver had blossomed into a nationwide organization that was only the beginning of what it would become. Even when there seemed to be no hope left in the world, Eunice kept pushing towards the light. She was always encouraging and never left the millions with cognitive disorders to fend for

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