My Literacy Narrative Analysis

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My Literacy Narrative
I was never truly an avid reader when I was younger. I was the oldest of five siblings and left in charge of taking care of my younger brothers and sister. I was more prone to spending time outside than reading a book. Of course, I did find myself enjoying a good mystery novel, but playing ball would always trump even a good book. All through school, I would find myself actively participating in one sport to another. I loved being active and thinking only of what I wanted to do. Life has a way of becoming a reality. The choices I made during my younger years have followed me to my current years. The busyness of work, family, and children have restricted my own freedom of time. Reading has become my favorite way of personal freedom without having to leave home. My favorite author at this present time is Beth Moore. She meticulously portrays God’s word and opened my eyes to the strength and power of God’s word for me today. God created me and has a specific purpose for me to fulfill. In order to begin this process, I need to accept and believe in …show more content…

Beth Moore shares her own personal testimony in her book Believing God. I am who God says I am. God is molding me into His likeness, and He wants to accomplish far more than I would be able to do on my own. His plans for my life are beyond what I could ever imagine. God enjoys spending time with me, if I allow Him access into my life. In order to step up to this challenge, I need to accept my inadequacies, my weakness, and my flaws. In Beth Moore’s Living Beyond Yourself, a challenge is laid out on the page to develop a personal relationship with God. God knows me. God knows all my mistakes. Nevertheless, God takes all of me, even my own inadequacies, and uses it for His glory. The more I spend time with God, the more I see God changing me for the better. He is working out all the flaws. He is turning me into a beauty I could not

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