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Warning: Spoilers ahead. Out of a myriad array of children’s shows, perhaps there is none other as popular as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic which has garnered a mass following of zealous fans of all ages worldwide. It is a phenomenal hit, addressing realistic themes such as the need for fraternal endearment, facing life 's daily challenges, social ties, etc; weaving them around vivid fantastical elements & plotlines (which is in fact a major overhaul from its ancestral predecessors) to keep itself engaging to its audience. Unicorns & alicorns, breathtaking scenery & captivating magic are just a minute icing to the show’s outstanding viewership that goes beyond the television screen. A wholesome lot of fan creations - art, film & music,…show more content…
Sombra instilled echoes of paralyzing terror in the enslavement of the Crystal Ponies, the Dazzlings mesmerized students of Canterlot High into a heated competition, & Starlight used extensive propaganda to keep her brainwashed citizens from ever challenging her Communistic ideology of equality. Moreover, the entire episode on her could even be said as a watered-down version of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, however presenting the Socialist model in a more simplistic fashion. While the methods of mind control certainly differs from each villain, their goals all point out to 1 aim of bringing everyone down to their knees, & hypnotism happens to be the most effective way to get people to do their bidding. (*Spoiler: It 's not. In real psychotherapeutic terms a patient under hypnosis is still consciously aware of his/her mental capabilities & CANNOT be forced to act against their will. It 's unethical, uncool & un-awesome. I mean…show more content…
For first a simple thought comes to the mind; then a strong imagination; afterwards delight, and evil motion and consent. And thus, little by little, the wicked enemy gains full entrance, when he is not resisted in the beginning. And the longer a man is negligent in resisting, so much the weaker does he daily become in himself, and enemy becomes stronger against him.." [Bk I, Chpt 13] It is no surprise that this passage from the Imitation of Christ correlates to tactics of the villains in My Little Pony. The spells casted in the show usually do not manifest itself immediately upon conjuration, but gradually it slithers its way through the conscience of the ponies just akin to how the Devil would enter through the backdoor of our heads & start to hijack our morals., ravaging around "as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour." (1 Pt 5:8) Furthermore, the show goes 1 step higher by portraying the cunning effects of the villains on a social level. Note that the ponies in MLP do not face their nemesis head-on on their own - almost always the protagonists are found together in a group. This same principle applies to our sins, which affects not only ourselves but also to other members of the Church – hence the need for the Sacrament of

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