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An independent disposition. Afters years of confusion of my identity and aspirations, this is the term I have coined. After years of feeling as an outcast in the safety of “home, sweet home” and the walls of a public school classroom, this is the term that describes my entire academic career and lifestyle thus far and to come.
To state more clearly, my family has never expressed an interest in my academics. For starters, there was a major polarity of interests between my family and I as a young child. While my siblings expressed a passion in the arts and literally anything besides school, I was the opposite. I was drawn to math and science related topics and my academic performance was my top priority. Within our household, there was an eminent mantra that did not regard education as an importance. My
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At times I felt as if I was being bullied for having such a concern for my academics or no one understood why I was studying for the SAT on a summer night. Due to this lack of emotional support from my family, this independent disposition was formed in order for me to achieve the goals I wanted throughout high school.
Fastforwarding to the end of my junior year of highschool, I am very familiar with myself and my limits. My natural abilities in math and science that were so prominent at an early point in my life initiated my interest in engineering. The field of engineering is quite vast with dozens of subdivisions that utilize different levels of thinking and overall interests. While deciding which field I wanted to go into I questioned my values and other skills that defined my character. I’ve always enjoyed helping people, design, and overall complex thinking. My extracurriculars throughout high school allowed me to explore these other aspects of my character such as the organization Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), that stretched my entrepreneurial thinking and teamwork skills, the school
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