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Medication History Reflective Writing Pharmacy Practice II Shaymous Juhnke As a student in SDSU’s pharmacy program one of the activities required to prepare us for real world pharmacy practice is to perform a medication history. Performing a medication history and reviewing it can be helpful to in acquiring information about a patents disease states, keeping an up to date record on their current medications, and helps prevent and resolve potential and current issues with patents medications. One of many important aspects of a medication history is determining how knowledgeable a patent is about their medications and their disease states. For the medication knowledge I feel that this means that the patient can identify which drug treats which disease state, how to correctly use the drug and how often, and when to get help if experiencing side effects or if …show more content…

Additionally, I was professional about the way I asked the questions and how I responded to these questions. Although I had fairly high levels of confidence and professionalism, I feel that my competence is lacking. I feel that having lexicomp and learning using drug cards help, but I think leaning more about the pharmacodynamics of drugs will certainly be helpful in the future. Some of the things which I can improve in the future would be firstly learning more about OTC drugs. Another issue was that in both medication histories I’ve done and I have found asking personal questions to be somewhat awkward, but I think that doing more medication histories will reduce this awkwardness. The third issue I think I could improve is having better pacing and completing it quicker. I know that getting the proper information is important but I feel that it took longer than it should have, but that could be that I interview someone which I knew and the relaxed

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