Nancy Lord Nature Lessons Analysis

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In the short story Nature Lessons by Nancy Lord, it is evident that the two main characters, Marco and Mary, have different values. Marco is a nature loving man that prefers the peaceful landscape of nature and on the other hand, Mary is a city girl, who is accustomed to large crowds, and noises. This story revolves on how Marco, the father, fights for the love of his daughter, and for his daughter to love nature as much as he does.

First off, in the beginning of the book, it is evident that Marco is a nature-loving man who desperately desires for his daughter to enjoy nature as much as he does; however, coming up from the city of LA, Mary is unaccustomed to this quiet environment and shows little to no interest towards nature. When they went for a hike, Mary couldn’t hold her attention towards ‘’the small flowers or the places on the trees where porcupines had eaten the bark’’, which caused Marco to believe that Maria was only there to please her father rather than enjoying nature. This also occurs when the two were in the garden pulling weeds, when Maria was referred to as an ‘’aggressive weeder’’, which frustrated Marco as he wanted her to enjoy the outdoors while spending time with him rather than getting the job done quickly. This brings out what …show more content…

Marco believes that nature, which still and peaceful, is the best form of entertainment, while Mary, on the other hand, prefers the entertainment that is provided by the city. When Mary brings up Sea World and ‘’the orcas that balance balls on their noses’’, Marco sees an opportunity to tell her that ‘’I’ll (Marco) show you some real orcas,’’ but knowing Mary’s personality and the things she values, he didn’t speak up because he knew that Mary is someone who ‘’preferred to see ones in tanks.’’ Although Marco desperately desires his daughter to enjoy nature as much as he does, he finally accepts that they both have different views and

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