Narrative Essay On Banda El Recodo

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I began to get ready to go to my very first concert on a Saturday afternoon in which I was going to see my favorite Mexican band, Banda el Recodo. As I was picking out my clothes I was not sure what to wear and had to change about three times, but then I received a phone call from one of my friends named Tony, who was supposed to give me a ride. When I picked up the phone I answered, “Hey Tony, whats up? You ready?” “Hey Edgar, something in my family has come up and I can’t make it, you’re going to have to go without me. I’m so sorry man,” Tony said. I then replied, “It’s okay bro, things happen, family is first.” When Tony told me this I was a little upset because we had everything planned out, but a concert was not more important than his family. Since my parents were out…show more content…
Once the venue got quite full, the band started coming out, one musician at a time. After all the musicians were on the stage they started their concert. The atmosphere became beautiful as everyone started singing along to their music and dancing to it. After a couple songs the band started throwing out posters to the crowd and I was able to catch one that was thrown directly at me. It slowly started to get packed and soon it was very musty from all the sweat and the venue quickly began to smell like alcohol. There was smoke machines all around the dance floor and my clothes became significantly damp, which was really gross. We attempted to dance where we initially were at, but there was not enough space for us to move around. We ended up moving to the back of the venue where it was less packed and there we began to dance to the rhythmic beats of the trumpets and drums.The band played very loud and upbeat music for about two hours and then they had a special guest, who was going to take over for the remainder of the night. Personally, I really did not like the other artists, which is why I asked my friends if they wanted to stay or go get in line for autographs and pictures with the
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