National Gang Center Bulletin Summary

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The National Gang Center Bulletin was written in order to give us information on the presence of gangs in the schools. The percentage of students in both middle and high school really shocks and saddens me; I did not realize that this number was so high. There should not be thirty-five and forty-five percent of students in any grade level affiliated to gangs. This article also reveals that not only are male students joining, female students are becoming members as well. Everyone knows that gang life follows you no matter where you go, so by these kids still being in school, they bring the trouble around other students and if affects and jeopardizes their safety. I feel as though private schools have little to no crime because over half of the students in these communities cannot afford the yearly tuition. Older gang members are recruiting these kids because for some reason they look up to them and they know they will do whatever is asked of them. They cannot go into the schools and cause drama with these kids, so they recruit the younger ones that are still in school to take care of their business and to promote illegal drug sales. I do not think that this is right and I wish there was more police presence in the public school system, especially in the high risk areas. This article was …show more content…

Not only should the teachers be trained, I feel as though the kids should be too. If they feel as though someone is trying to recruit them or one of their friends, they should feel safe enough to either tell their parent, teacher or law enforcement. If school systems were to learn and follow some of the guidelines for preventing gang activity, they would feel safer and confident when protecting them and the

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