Nazi Medical Experiments That Led To The Development Of The Nuremberg Code

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The Nazis were infamous for their cruel and unusual experiments on humans.The Nazi doctors did human experimentations which were series of medical experiments on a large numbers of prisoners, including children. These experiments took place in the concentration camps in the early 1940s, during World War II.After the war, these crimes were tried at what became known as the Nazi Doctor Trials, and the revulsion at the abuses perpetrated led to the development of the Nuremberg Code. Before the Nuremberg Code, Nazi doctors abused their power as a doctor, of a method of advancing medical and health knowledge by performing several crimes against humanity and as a result, there where many deaths. At the end of WWII, there were twelve experiments singled …show more content…

The test was designed to permit the Nazi doctors to observe the victims’ reactions to the poison up to the point of death”(Marks). In this experiment conducted by the Nazi doctors, they were testing to see how the human subjects would react to the poison when injected or shot with a bullet that contained the poison . In the quote, it also says that they observed the reaction all the way up to death which confirms that several people died during this experiment. This quote from the article “Medical Experimentations” supports the idea that the inhumane experiments conducted by the Nazi doctors were terrible and was an appalling advantage they used to kill several innocent people. Before the Nuremberg trials, two doctors were obsessed with racial theories and collected skulls of all races of people. Although they lacked those of the Jewish descent. This experiment was the “Anthropology Experiment”.According to the article in the words of noted by Stephen Marks “In order to complete the collection, they had requested the Jewish victims be photographed and the “anthropological measurements” of their skulls be taken while they lived. The victims were then killed and beheaded and their heads were brought to the laboratory in a sealed tin filled with …show more content…

According to Gina Kolata author of “What Nuremberg Code?”, “American judges heard testimony about Nazi doctors performing horrendous medical experiments on whomever they pleased” and “To insure this would never happen again, the Nuremberg code was written”(Kolata). In the two quotes, it claims that the Nuremberg code was written to get full permission and consent from the human subject being tested. The quotes connect to the idea that the experiments were inhumane and the Nazi doctors abused their use of the method of advancing medical and health knowledge by performing several crimes against humanity that ultimately led them to face the consequences of their actions. Because of the nasty and terrible experiments conducted the Nuremberg code was established and the experiments and the Nazi doctors were put to

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