Negative Effects Of Christopher Columbus

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The legacy of Christopher Columbus and his voyages states that he crossed the Atlantic Ocean trying to get to India and China when he stumbled upon a new place, which called the New World. He was born to make history in which he starts off his voyages so that people will remember all the good he did. October 12, the day for the whole Americans to have a one-day off. Anti-Semitism, revulsion and discrimination of Christopher Columbus, has troubled the native Indians people for such a long time. The most severe massacre happened when Columbus started to discover the New World, and what he and the rest of his crews did to the Natives Indian and will endlessly be remembered. In addition to that, there are negative sides of him that Christopher…show more content…
In the story of Columbus and Western civilization, stated about how natives’ people have to sacrifices everything, including their lives, which they have to be very serious when it comes to working to earn money for a living, otherwise, no mercy for them. In Howard Zinn’s article, it says that wise man will most likely to control the past, present, and even controlling the future. Generally speaking, Columbus make friends with the Indians people so that they would think that Christopher Columbus was a very wise man and that he thinks that by making friends with them, he could turn them into becoming a very generous servants who will follow the orders from Columbus and his crew to asks them whatever they want and serve them in a very kind and polite way. Columbus never treats the Native Indians people as a hospitable people, bus as a servant, and all he wanted them to do is to find a gold. Yet, Columbus emphasized his religious beliefs and thought for a moment of what he just did to the people he call and slaves or servants, and his desires to convert the natives into…show more content…
By then, Columbus and the crews chopped off their arms and head. Christopher, decided to do this because, he trained his crews to show no mercy or sympathy towards everyone and he thought by doing this, it would make the Indians felt scared to bring the gold, unfortunately, they didn’t. The history of Christopher really caused an animosity that led people to be against him. Yet, Samuel Eliot Morison who is a Harvard historian of Columbus stated that whoever did something that is quite frightening, he is responsible to begin the decrease of depopulation of the Earth n 1492. Besides, Christopher Columbus abused all the Natives Indians, and so he is prove guilty of what he committed to the mass genocide, enslavement, and thievery of gold. As a result, this would connect to the modern day, which the Americans clarified that Christopher was a great protagonist, which proved he isn’t actually is because he stole the golden gold from the natives’ people. Christopher is supposedly to be a here, but in 1492, Christopher and the rest of navigators sailed through Spain, to convince people that the Earth was
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