Negative Effects Of Privatization In America

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The issue of Privatization in America has gone back to the 1800s. Yet, throughout the centuries the effects of this have been debated; whether Privatization good or it’s bad. Though, like any issue Privatization’s effects are not black and white. In order to understand Privatization effects, one must look at Privatization’s history, positives, and negatives. Since its origins in America in the 1800s, Privatization has changed. But, it’s basics stay the same. Privatization is the idea of transferring government services to the hands on non-government entities, including the sale of government assets, a part of the government made into a publicly traded company, or the government contracting private contractors to do work. This is further shown when Reed Karaim writes, “Government privatizes in three ways: -Selling off public property to private enterprises, often to free government officials from the burden of managing the property while providing a one-time shot of cash for government agencies .-Establishing private-public partnerships, in which investors pay for building or maintaining a highway, bridge or other public asset in return for long-term profits, often collected through tolls or other fees .-Outsourcing public services, such as trash pickup or data management, by hiring a private contractor to provide the services.” (Karaim). In this quote, the writer expands on how Privatization happens in three different ways. Outsourcing historically tends to be the
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