Neoclassicism In Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Neoclassicism was the period in the 1700s which revived classic art styles. There were three stages of neoclassicism. The first, the Restoration Period, used imagination. The second, the Augustan Age, was also called the Age of Pope. The third, the Age of Johnson, was a romantic movement. The idea of man being imperfect was popular in this time period. This time period also emphasized reason and literature. Poets in the neoclassicism time period used many allusions. They especially alluded to the bible and ancient Greece and Rome. Allusions helped the readers understand the poet’s message. Alexander Pope’s poem, Rape of the Lock alluded to the Odyssey by Homer. Neoclassical painters such as Jacques-Louis David used mythology and legends in their paintings. David painted Napoleon on top of a white stallion, signifying the magnificence of ancient Rome. Native American literature and art was popular in…show more content…
The slave narratives told the slave’s stories. Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which was one cause of the civil war since it showed what slavery was like. The Cotton Kingdom by Edward Atkinson also showed how slavery was, emphasizing how the cotton plantations expanded. John Pierpont’s book of poetry, “Airs of Palestine” was also important in showing the conditions of slavery. Slave narratives were a way for former and fugitive slaves to show everyone how slavery was.
Puritan literature was from 1600-1800. It included sermons, poetry, and historical narratives. Puritan literature was mainly influenced by religion, which is also what most works from this time period were based around. Michael Wigglesworth was a Puritan author who wrote The Day of Doom, which became the first best seller in America. Another Puritan author, Edward Taylor, wrote poems, such as Taylor was a thorough going Calvinist, before each communion. Puritan literature was heavily influenced by
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