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As years progress, distributors at the annual Sundance Film Festival become more aggressive. The 2016 festivities were no exception, as studios engaged in bidding wars for high demand films. Netflix and Amazon’s presence at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival has specifically redefined distribution and competition. Netflix exhibited its dominance prior to the festival by bidding on Sian Heder’s film Tallalulah starting Ellen Page. Eight days before the official start of the Sundance Festival, Netflix conquered worldwide streaming rights for Tallulah for $5 million. New director Heder had a former relationship with Netflix as a writer and producer for Orange Is the New Black. She also received honorable mentions for her first film Mother (2006) at the Cannes, Seattle International, and Florida Film Festivals. The film also includes Orange Is the New Black stars Uzo Aduba, Zachary Quinto, and Tammy Blanchard in addition to Allison Janney and David Zayas. Page stars in the comedy drama as a woman who rescues a baby from her negligent mother. Netflix acquired worldwide video on demand right but is awaiting theatrical rights which are still available. There was no stopping Netflix. They also offered a record breaking $20 million for film The Birth of a Nation. Nate Parker’s drama film is based on a …show more content…

Under the Shadow is scheduled to release via Netflix this year. Vertical Entertainment and XYZ films have partnered with Netflix for global distribution, digital and VOD release, and a theatrical screening. Norman Lear will open theatrically this June and premier on PBS and Netflix by the fall. Amazon previously held North American rights for Love & Friendship. The film is expected to receive a theatrical release before becoming available to Amazon’s streaming subscribers. Amazon also nabbed U.S rights for Complete Unknown and streaming and theatrical rights for

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