Neutrality In Ww1

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World War 1 was known as the Great War. The conflict began because of Austria and Serbia. The United states did not feel that they needed to join in, they felt that they should stay neutral. This meaning changed throughout the war. The American people had different views on the war, but still had national pride. America was brought into the war because not all nations had the same meaning of neutral as they did.
The war started in August 1914, when the heir to the throne in Austria was assassinated. Austria and Germany were allies so Germany wanted Russia to demobilize and they refused. British joined Russia and France once they realized that Germany was capable of dominating Europe. The United States did not join right away because of two reasons. The first was the United States had a foreign policy that kept them from entangling alliances. The second was because the president at the time, Woodrow Wilson, had stated that the war had nothing to do with us as a nation. …show more content…

This changed twice during the war. At the beginning they had the trade with no one. They did not trade economically, they gave no loans to anyone, and they gave them no military support. This neutrality did not last long because it threatened to throw the America into a recession. Then President Wilson changed neutrality to where they traded with everyone. They helped both sides equally, but there were problems with this one also. Both Europe and Germany tried to disrupt the trade they had with their Enemy. Then neutrality changed for the last time. The President realized that in this war; they could not trade with no one, but they also could not trade with everyone. Neutral nations had the right to be neutral. The people of the neutral nations had the right to travel where they wanted and to trade with who they

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