Night By Elie Wiesel Essay On Hope

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Everyone hopes for something. People hope for their favorite team to win or they hope to get what they want for Christmas, but there are people out there that hope to see the sun rise again. To see their family just one more time because they don’t know if they will make it or not. In the novels night by Elie Wiesel and sold by Patricia McCormick, the main characters have to find out how much hope they really have. By examining the novels nigh and sold we can see that having hope is the key to survival. This is important because the people who lost their hope did not make it much longer after.
In the novel night Elie the main character has to hope for so much. Elie has to not only have to hope for his life but for his fathers as well. Elie …show more content…

Some of the girls think about the tea they will be able to buy, others think about how much they still have to pay back to Mumtaz. Lakshmi thinks about what she misses the most her family, her home is where she wants to be. You can see that from this quote from the novel. “I inhale deeply drinking in the scents of mountain sunshine, warmth that smells of freshly turned soil and clean laundry, baking in the sun, I breathe in a cool Himalayan breeze and the woodsy tang of a cooking fire then I can get by until the next twilight” (126). All this is reminding her of back home, it’s like she is in the happiness house, but her mind is still back home and as long as she has that she can make it to the next night. So if she lost that anchor, she might lose her hope and by example, we can see she will lose herself soon after. So I showed you just two kids who had to hope for so much. They didn’t care about Christmas or their sports team. They hoped for their lives to see the sun come up again. The key to survival is most definitely having hope, without it Elie and Lakshmi would not have made it as far as they did. Elie and Lakshmi showed the same type of hope, the type of hope that brings people together. Today that hope is being showed around the world with all the isis

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