No Speak English By Sandra Cisneros Summary

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Dialogue is used in a writing piece in order to move the plot, to develop or define the character, or just to deepen the conflict. All together, dialogue is used to help the reader infer the theme of the text. Sandra Cisneros expresses the theme throughout the novel with the use dialogue to develop the characters in The House on Mango Street which retells her life experiences that made her who she is today in vignettes just like No Speak English. In her other work of literature, Eleven she shows the same theme, with the addition of the theme that there is a certain amount of power held by age. In the texts Eleven and No Speak English by Sandra Cisneros, the use of dialogue helps reveal aspects of the characters in each piece in order to develop the theme of identity and belonging. Predominantly, in the vignette No Speak English, Sandra uses the relationship between Mamacita and her husband to reveal each of their aspects. She notes that the husband and Mamacita were in a verbal argument, which led up to her husband saying: “Here I am and here I stay. Speak …show more content…

Rachel is still denying the sweater, which starts to anger the teacher. It comes to the point where Mrs. Price has had it, and says, “You put that sweater on right now and no more nonsense.” The author includes the line of dialogue because it shows that Mrs. Price’s character is strict over the students, and doesn’t like it when they ignore her words. The line, “You put that sweater on right now and no more nonsense,” proves how forceful she is towards Rachel when it comes to the sweater topic considering she believes she is right without letting Rachel explain herself. Its shows the type of teacher she is and it also shows how she judging Rachel and making her feel like she doesn’t belong. She associcates her with an old disgusting sweater, and it makes feel Rachel feel like she is not part of the

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