Non Union Workers

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I want to clarify that I am against CEO’s getting richer off of their workers. My essay was about Americans who worked hard to become lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, etc. should not make as much as someone below them I do not want to see the value an of college degree becoming less and less valuable in today’s society. Yates compared non- unions workers and union workers benefits and wages using data from 2005. He compared non- union vs. union wage, insurances, pension, and compensation.In the category of wages, union wages is $24. 10 an hour, whereas, non-union wages is $18.81 an hour. Yates, however, he did not provide the readers with any credible source Yates then compared labor unions advantage between races, gender, …show more content…

Yates shared a store about of an immigrant named Cesar Chavez, who was a farm worker. Cesar formed the United Farm Workers (UFW) to help Mexican-Americans fight to equal treatment just like Africans Americans the during the 1960’s. The UFW was a successful union because it was able to pass legislations that protect their rights in which is enjoyed by workers under NLRA. Labor Unions benefits, protect, and fight for workers’ (mostly minorities) rights. If it were not for labor unions, there would probably still be child labor in America. If it were not for labor unions, minorities and women would be further denied of jobs based on their: race, gender, and sexual orientation. Yates stated that increasing the minimum wage is better for the economy, and leads to better employment rate; it is a fact When workers are making more money, they will spend more money, which also helps the economy grow.Furthermore, Increasing wages reduce income inequality. I do agree with Yate that labor unions give workers a voice at their work, I agree with a lot of what Yate wants as a reader to know about labor unions because labor unions are not viewed in a positive light. Unions, in general, are successful in getting changes

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