Explain How The Union Has Affected My Life

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The way that the Union has affected my life is by giving my father improved and safe working conditions, improving the hours they work, and giving them higher wages than non-union workers. With my dad being a part of the Union he is able to provide our family with our health insurance that is needed for our family. They also give my dad a safe place to go to work so he can come home to us after work every night. One other thing that helps me and affects me is the wages he gets from the Union without these wages we would not be able to survive or function in society. This is the most important thing that I am most thankful for the Union is that they give my father the wages that are needed to provide for our family. Secondly, the Union helps working families by giving them the privilege to negotiate their consumer benefits programs. There are plenty of benefits of having a family member …show more content…

Without the health insurance my father receives from the Union who knows where I would be today I might not be here because we would not be able to afford going to the doctor without the health insurance policy. Also with the wages he receives I may not be able to be a part of the sport I am in because if he did not make as much as he does we probably would not be able to afford the equipment and the activity fee that goes along with playing that sport. I am thankful for this because sports are a big part of my life, it allows me to meet friends and enjoy something that I am very good at. One of the most important thing that I am most thankful for is the way that the Union is always improving the working conditions that my father is working in. If they did not do this our life could be so much different I may not have a father at all so with the Union doing this it allows me to have a fun and happy life with my

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