Northern New Mexican Culture Cultural Analysis

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The presenting problem is on the Northern New Mexico (Nuevomexicano) Hispanic culture how they have sustained two periods of colonization, first by the Spanish and later by the United States (Nieto Phillips, 2004). The issue of colonization and historical oppression have led to current mental health issue with the practitioner-client relationship. Where clients are not comfortable in expressing their culture historical oppression and it impact in their lives, due to the lack of trust they have encounter with people who are non-Nuevomexicano. Moreover, the social worker is encountering some difficult challenges with this particular group because they have trust issues with people who are not from their ethnic group and this attitude portrayed deprived them of …show more content…

My personal observation is that the community members feel sad and depressed when they remember the issues of colonization and how they are been oppressed in following the laid down rules and principles of the colonizers. Being subjected by the colonialist rules which created a standpoint that their version of addressing issues is right, whereas that of the victim is wrong. One of the strength perspective of the Northern New Mexico (Nuevomexicano) Hispanic culture is the desire to protect and preserve their culture. ASSESSMENT The historical trauma affected the life of community members till this present day, where members perform the role of cultural and community protector and this have major consequence on their part because there is a feeling of protecting of one self constantly and the fear of that there are enemies everywhere. This situation can make the community members live in a state of fear and also prevent them from relating to

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