Nothing But The Truth Justifiable Facts

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The book, Nothing but the Truth, by Avi, is about a 14-year-old boy named Philip who loves to run track. When he receives a failing grade in his English class because of a smart-mouth response to an assessment, it prevents him from trying out for the track team. He refuses to ask for extra work to raise his grade, and now Philip will do anything to get back at his English teacher Ms. Narwin. As a result, it is completely fair that Philip was not allowed on the track team because of his grades. The first reason for this is the decision to not allow him on the team has been consistent in years past. The second reason was that the decision was justifiable. And the third reason was that everyone involved was aware of the process. These fact-based …show more content…

The reason this decision was justifiable was that it was backed up with reasoning and evidence such as a stated rule. Philip was given a student handbook with all the rules for joining the track team, Coach Jamison even said on page “It’s in the handbook. Read it…” so maybe if he had bothered to read it he would have avoided this whole mess. Another reason the decision was justifiable was that studies show that student-athletes that have higher grades/SAT scores are more likely to get a college scholarship than student-athletes that perform poorly in school. So the school as only trying to help Philip get into college by encouraging him to bring his grade up. Some people might say that the decision wasn’t justifiable because Ms. Narwin gave him a bad grade because she just didn’t like him. That is not true. On page 78, she says “In fact, Philip is a nice boy. So I do feel bad about the whole thing.“ the only reason he received a failing grade was that he refused to study and he didn’t try his best on tests. A final reason is that colleges look for students with higher GPAs. In an article titled “Students Should Have Good Grades to Play Sports,” it is said, “The NCAA, or National Collegiate Athletic Association, will not allow students to play sports unless they meet the required GPA and standardized test score.” Therefore this decision was justifiable and it was backed up with reasons and

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