Why Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Most people ask this question when starting to apply for college: Why should a 2.5 GPA athlete pay nothing for classes he probably will not even going to attend, while a 4.0 GPA full-time student has to work two jobs on top of all their classes to pay for their tuition and housing? This question has so many things untrue with this statement. This is a stereotype. The truth is that public and private schools give more money away for academic scholarships and aid than the athletics. While sports are a big part of the school’s background, the athletics department does not receive much money for that sport. They have to promote and recruit their players and make sure they have the grades to make the team. This stereotype has ruled the way people think about the way money is distributed …show more content…

When you hear the story it is always the same. A football player who is as dumb as a rock (and that’s an insult to rocks) gets a full ride scholarship to college and just drinks and parties, while the nerdy student wants to go to college to make something of himself and has to work two jobs, tutors other people, and practically starves himself to go to the same the college . When kids turn 17 or 18 years old and they start filling out applications, this story becomes a parent’s reality. They hear left and right, this athlete was awarded a basketball scholarship or this athlete received a softball scholarship. They push their children to become an athlete just to get the extra money (Sullivan, 2016). The academic and athletic departments have not seen eye to eye for quite some time. Some colleges around the USA actually put their athletics before academics. There was about a $131,182. 00 difference between a regular student and an athletic student at Southeastern FBS Conference in 2008. This difference was in the favor of the athletic student. There was a

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