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Nova Scotia remained neutral throughout the entire duration of the American Revolution and there is an array of reasons why. It would not be just, to claim one reason more over the other, nor would it be appropriate to say that one [reason] stands solely alone for the neutrality in and of Nova Scotia’s stance. Many interwoven reasons influenced and ultimately justified Nova Scotia in and during the American Revolution. However one reason that stands out most is security and lack of security that siding with the American resistance would bring.
Out of all the probable perspectives for neutrality one should acknowledge that the newly resettled New Englanders, in Nova Scotia, had to consider their situations. Although they did bear the same plight and oppression as the American rebels, a lot of them had loved ones on both sides of the spectrum, both on the side of power and resistance. Taking a side would pin family against family and friend against friend. Another reason to take notice of for Nova Scotia deciding to be and remain neutral, is the British Naval base in Halifax, which certainly played its part, made an impression and posed as a reminder of Nova Scotia’s dependency on the King and England. The British Naval base also deterred the Americans from invading and kept a …show more content…

How could the Americans secure better treatment for them, especially since they [American rebels] had such a hard time overcoming the terrain? Taking into consideration that during this time there were no planes, phones , cars or internet, no fast or instant communication or assistance, it took extreme effort and time to send information and get from one place to another. Since the colonies where grouped closer together the far distant Nova Scotia proved to be too difficult to reach and persuade to join in the “Give me liberty or give me death" American Revolution. (P. Henry

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