Nt1310 Unit 3 Components

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Computers have one or a lot of big or small R-A-M chips inside. RAM chips are a random access memory chip inside, the computer uses it to store information that will be used anytime or used to store something like the copy clipboard(The copy clipboard is the thing that stores what you copy to paste later) to delete/change later. There is also a spinning or solid state hard drive that uses DVD like disks that stores information like your video games, pictures, or other things. A CPU is the thing that your computer uses to do all the processing work, like our brain but not like it. CPU stands central-processing-unit. There is also a fan smack on top of the CPU. The fan is on top because it was not there the CPU would overheat and would be fried. Fried is when something is overloaded so you are running like 20 games then your computer would probably overheat because you are overloading it with things to process, like when you …show more content…

There are many operating systems but I am not listing all of them. One operating system is Windows, made by Microsoft. Another operating system is Mac, made by Apple. And one operating system you most likely don 't know is Linux, Linux is an open source operating system and it is the fastest, tho you probably don 't and will never use it. An open-source operating system is an operating system that you can edit like Windows is not an open source operating system so you can’t edit it, but in Linux, you can edit its operating system. There is one more operating system called Chrome OS made by GOOGLE. Chrome OS runs off of Linux so it is pretty fast, That 's why Chromebooks don’t cost a lot because they don’t need as much CPU power as a normal computer like Windows or

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