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These days technology is such a big party of daily life that people often take their devices with them as they go about their day. If you have to stay in touch with work, or family, it may become necessary to charge these devices while you in the car. A 3 amp 12 volt car USB port makes this possible. Amazon has a variety of charging ports for your car or truck. Choose one to help you stay connected no matter where you are. A 12 volt usb charging port can be used for a variety of items. Charge Android phones, iPhones, and tablets. It 's convenient to choose a charging port that can handle charging two devices at once. Use one for your own phone, and your passenger will be able to charge their phone as well. Or you can charge your phone and your tablet at the same time. If you plan to charge your tablet, choose a charger that is able to charge multiple devices that have different power requirements. …show more content…

It simple plugs into the area where a car 's cigarette lighter used to be. You then plug your devices USB plug into the opening. It 's a good idea to choose one that automatically stops charging when the device is fully charged. This takes away any concern about overcharging. Make Amazon the go-to source for all of your technology needs. Whether you 're looking for a 3 amp 12 volt car usb port to charge your devices in the car, or the devices themselves, we have what you need at economical prices. We also have a host of ways for you to save money by offering easy to qualify for free shipping options, and amazing special deals each

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