Nt1310 Unit 3

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1. Perception categories that significantly influenced walking frequency were landuse, and aesthetics and amenities. The safety, directness and continuity perception categories were not significant but had weak to moderate associations with land use and aesthetics perception. This implies improving perception of one category is bound to improve or negatively impact the perception of a correlated category. For example landuse perception was correlated with directness perception - which is intuitive, given that directness measured quick and easy access to land uses. Conversely, directness was moderately correlated with safety, which is intuitive given that enclosed communities have lower traffic flows as well as speed limits that are conducive …show more content…

Safety perception was influenced by directness features, safety related infrastructure and social-demographic variables such as gender and transit use. To improve safety perception, safety related infrastructure as well as directness features that limit safety hazards can be implemented. In addition safety perception was significantly correlated with directness, continuity and aesthetics perceptions.
3. A higher land use mix was determined to improve landuse perception. In addition, features that enable quick and easy access to the variety of land uses was is likely to improve not only directness but land use perception as well. This would imply flatter sidewalk gradient, smaller parking lots in front of commercial premises and better access at and in enclosed communities.
4. Aesthetics and amenities perception was influenced by walking environment infrastructure including directness, continuity, as well as appealing environment. A complete, and well maintained facility is not only visually appealing but is likely to quicker access between origin and destinations for utilitarian trips. In addition completeness of the walking environment is synonymous with safety, such that pedestrian don 't have to maneuver around obstructions putting them at

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