Odysseus: A Greek Hero's Journey

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Odysseus was a Greek soldier who suffered a great journey just to be reunited with his wife, Penelope, and son, Telemachus. Throughout his journey Odysseus displayed many traits characteristic of epic Greek heroes. These traits, which were valued by the Greeks and defined Odysseus as one of the epic heroes, included: wit, pride, loyalty, faithfulness, and strength. Odysseus used his wit to win the Trojan War and to ensure the survival of his crew on the journey home. After being blocked outside by massive walls that surrounded Troy, Odysseus planned to build an enormous wooden horse and hide Greek soldiers inside the belly of the horse. After the horse was assembled, the Greeks pushed it to the gates of Troy and evacuated the armies, so that …show more content…

While having to go through all the hardships and obstacles that characterized his journey, the only thing that kept him hopeful to go home to Ithaca was his faith in seeing his family. When Odysseus and his men found themselves on an island called Aeaea, where the witch-goddess Circe resided Circe fell in love with Odysseus and turned his crew into swine. Odysseus admitted to Circe that even though she was better than his wife, Penelope, Circe’s love would never compare to the love he had for Penelope. Odysseus met the messenger god Hermes who gave Odysseus an herb named moly. Moly was an herb that would shield Odysseus from magic. When Odysseus went to meet with Circe she realized that he was unaffected by her magic. After being overpowered by Odysseus, Circe agreed to turn his men back, but under her terms. Odysseus agreed to being forcibly in love with Circe and trapped on her island for seven years for the return of his men. Odysseus showed his love and loyalty to his family and crew by sacrificing himself for seven years under Circe’s captivity, so he could go home to see his family and protect his

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