Of Mice And Men Monologue Essay

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People experience different type of materials due to their personal decisions. My decision to come out showed me to be aware of people which helped me grow in the young man I am today. When I decided to come out to the world. It showed me who my true friends and allies are. By being aware of both people and places. This helped me grow into a much more clever and caring man that I am today.
The major thing about telling people that I am gay was the thought of people 's reactions. So, I told them that I was struggling with a pain that I have been keeping a secret. I tried so hard to keep my identity a secret, but the webs of lies and the decent caught up to me. So, I figured why not tell them now before people really start thinking that I was untrustworthy. Well I told my friends first and my family second. The talk felt like it took for hours as I felt my throat burn and my voice started to crook. The response that I was thinking in my head didn’t really come true. Instead, I was really showered by love, understanding, and a little of adjustments here and there. But people were still accepting of me which I was surprised from where I was raised because almost anyone who was different would have ridiculed. So, the life lesson was to be not afraid of what people think about …show more content…

Also, when my story began, it had to do with the biggest decision that could affect my image or my very life. The decision to tell people the truth or just role with the bunch of lies were my only options. So, I decided to tell people the truth. I thought it would be better than everyone thinking of me as a liar. However, it is possible that it could have gone differently and that there could have been other options. But my decision to be honest was more for myself. Than it is for other people I would say. That decision on that day made me the happiest boy in the world to find out that people love me no matter

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