Olmec Culture

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Have you ever seen ancient ruins before? The Olmec ruins may be one of the best to visit! These ancient ruins are located in southern Mexico and into Guatemala, specifically between the coordinates of 16˚N and 91˚E. This ancient civilization was unbelievably artistic, making unique sculptures of heads and masks. An interesting mystery today is their name, Olmec, which means, “Rubber People.” The best place to go on vacation is the ancient ruins of the Olmec civilization.
Olmec traditions still exist in today’s world. A significant Olmec tradition that is still around today is called Polytheistic. Which means they believe in more than one god. Some of the gods are Olmec Dragon (God I),Maize deity (God II),Rain Spirit and Were-jaguar (God IV).
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A very popular Olmec tradition practiced today is creating sculptures. In ancient times the colossal head sculptures were created of important people in that civilization. The most famous are giant head sculptures which are the most popular tourist attractions in that region. The Olmec civilization mysteriously disappeared and historians are not quite sure why the civilization vanished.
In comparison, the Aztec civilization existed in central Mexico, specifically between the coordinates of 36.8222 N and 107.9928 W. Their most famous city was known as Tenochtitlan, which we know as Mexico City today. The Aztec civilization was famous for human sacrifices. The Aztecs believed they owed everything to their gods so they would have good crops, weather or whatever they prayed for. These sacrifices took place on top of temples which stand tall so the people would be closer to the gods. Today the Aztec temples are the most popular tourist attraction in the Aztec region.
Although all ancient civilizations are beautiful and full of history, they are different tourist attractions. For example the Olmec ruins are less popular with fewer visitors but the sculptures are worth seeing. Unlike the other, more famous ruins that would be crowded, the Olmec would be a great vacation to learn about the history. The Olmec ruins are very intriguing and worth

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