Olympia And Delphi Essay

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The Apollo at Delphi and Zeus at Olympia, two major cult centers, were pilgrimage sites renowned throughout the Greek world, with activities and monuments intimately linked with all Greek cities, near and far. These two sites have noticeable similarities and differences that make them unique to the early classical period. Delphi is situated on steeply sloping ground at the foot of two south-facing cliffs. Located on Delphi was the sanctuary of Apollo. The ancient holy sanctuary was a large rectangular site crammed with buildings and monuments. The Temple of Apollo dominated the site, as well as the Sacred Way that zigzags up to it. The temple was rebuilt after being burnt down in Doric order, with six columns on the short sides, fronting …show more content…

But, Olympia contrasts Delphi in its setting and buildings, as well as personality. Ritual in Olympia focused at the tomb of Pelops and the main alter. On the sides of the sanctuary stood the temple of Zeus and the early Archaic temple of Hera. Similar to what was found at Delphi, there was also a series of treasuries, yet they were not as elaborate in detail. The temple of Zeus was built purely in Doric order with the materials that did not hold up so well including local limestone, covered with stucco, and with the sculpture and certain architectural details of Parian marble. The styles of sculptures at Zeus were the introduction of Early classical art. An important feature of Zeus was its athletic center, used for athletic training and competition. At the athletic center situated on the outskirts of the sanctuary there was a gymnasium, a palaestra, used for wrestling, and a stadium. At the sanctuary of Olympia athletic games were held. The Olympic games began in 776 BC and were held every four years unifying Greece. This feature is similar to that of the theaters in Delphi, as both are used for entertainment purposes as well as religious purposes. Although Delphi and Olympia were similar they were also very different, setting different tones that make each unique to the early classical

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