One Strike Policy Summary

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The One Strike policy that makes criminal behavior by public housing tenants or their children grounds for eviction, this policy was aimed at drug dealers and gang members. While the policy had good intentions when signed by President Clinton on March 28, 1996, it also have unintended consequences when it came to entire families being evicted from the acts of one out of their control (Renzetti, 2001). Many times this was the only housing or home a family could afford and would be placed onto the streets and many could be force to a life of crime all because a child a juvenile commits a crime without the knowledge of the parent (Kaplan & Rossman, n.d.).
Some families in the upper division of poverty have somewhat a fighting chance while those
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Many times this pattern begins at an early age as a juvenile and progress up through adulthood, leading to the so call school to prison pipeline. A 2007 study by two civil rights organizations further demonstrated the government’s emphasis on incarceration over education. Researchers found “the U.S. spent almost $70 billion annually on incarceration, probation and parole.” This figure represented a 127% increase from 1987 to 2007, dramatically outpacing the funding for higher education during the same time period (Porter, 2015). In addition, Mothers who give birth to children in poor conditions have really set the child up to be disadvantaged from the very beginning. Poor conditions, lack of nourishment and the use of alcohol and or drugs are a common occurrence and it influences the outcome of the child, which impacts it later on it life. In the article Giving Up On the Young it states in Los Angeles "We see kids from all walks of life," says Harry Hartmann, counselor with the L.A. Office of Education. But "the races are skewed to blacks and Hispanics," he acknowledges. Very skewed--six out of seven of those who are arrested for violent juvenile crimes are black or Hispanic. By strange coincidence, that is just about the proportion of the county 's youths in poverty who are black or
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