Opportunity House Case Study

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The intern resides at the Opportunity House in Portsmouth Virginia. The Opportunity House is a psycho social facility that help members of the Portsmouth community to better assist them in their daily lives. The agency is under the Portsmouth Department of behavioral healthcare services (DBHS). The mission of the Portsmouth Department of Behavioral Healthcare Services is to promote independence, recovery, and positive outcomes for those we serve, through excellence in the delivery of integrated Mental Health, Intellectual Disability and Substance Abuse, and Co-Occurring services. We accomplish this by Accurately assessing and meeting the needs of the whole person, Providing seamless, integrated services that are accessible and fairly priced Recognizing and effectively utilizing the talent, passion, and commitment of our professional and support staff, Effectively communicating with our stakeholders, and promoting full …show more content…

The goals and purpose of this agency is to provide opportunities and services in the community, to provide membership in a supportive social group, and to maximize social and vocational skills so that members may live independently and successfully in the community. Specific service that are provided is administrative services; this service include word processing data entry printing, answering the phone, and etc. this allows member to build self-confidence, environmental services; member are building teamwork skills and maintaining a place of living, and Dietary Snack/Bar; members run the snack bar to help them build vocational skills. Individual that are 18 years of age or older that is diagnosed with a serious mental illness and want to be a member and that can be compliant with psychiatric treatment is the population that is

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