License Professional Counselor Associate (DHSR)

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The state of North Carolina has several mental health agencies that target the specific needs of youth and adults within the community. Each agency must oblige by the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulations of Mental Health Licensure and Certification Section ( DHSR) as an operating facility. By Law, mental health agencies must be equipped with licensed professionals that are able to conduct assessments and create service plans for their clients. To obtain this license a counselor must obtain a counseling degree from an accredited University and take the state board counseling test to receive their License Professional Counselor Associate (LPCA). This is the current status that Mrs. Stroman holds with the state of North Carolina. With this license, she is able to perform the duties of a professional counselor while being supervised by a qualified clinical supervisor. By the end of the year, Mrs. Stroman will have the credentials to obtain her Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in which she will file for. As an LPCA working for a mental health agency Mrs. Stroman conducts several home visits to deliver services. Having home access with her clients provides Mrs. Stroman an opportunity to assess specific needs of families in which an office based counselor may not conduct …show more content…

Stroman has experienced several victories as well as some struggles throughout the years. She states that one of her best moments is being able to witness families or individuals make progress towards the goals they wanted to achieve at the beginning of treatment. However, there are times in which younger clients become frustrated with her due to following ethical policies such as reporting child abuse that makes her job difficult. When these incidents occur younger clients often feel guilty or become frustrated due to the change of dynamics of the home environment that has occurred. Specific treatment plans are implemented to further address these

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