Bluffton Self Help Observation

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Finding a site that deals with psychiatric rehabilitation can be overwhelming; however with some luck occasionally a visit to a rehabilitation site can reveal some thought-provoking insights. For this assignment I wanted to visit at least one psychiatric rehabilitation location to gather some useful information and understandings. However to my surprise I was able to visit two different psychiatric rehabilitation locations and interview several amazing individuals. Thus, as I started my expedition to visit a psychiatric rehabilitation location the whole expedition eventually became one of the most encouraging expeditions that I have ever done. As I started my expedition I was looking at psychiatric rehabilitation locations near the area where …show more content…

So before I visited the location I conducted research online about Bluffton Self Help what I found was that that the location serves individuals by providing them with food, clothing, and financial needs and lastly provides individuals to get them back on their feet by using rehabilitation. So the next day I traveled to the location and to my surprise something astonishing happened once I stopped by the location. So as stopped by the location I noticed that it was closed for the day but I still wanted to see if anyone was working. But to my surprise I saw someone walking out of the location. So I asked the individual if they worked at the Bluffton Self Help and to my amazement, the individual said “Yes and her name was Donna”. So after introducing myself to Donna she told me that the Bluffton Self Help allows individuals to come in to seek help with their lives sometimes though basic needs to counseling to even rehabilitation (but not at this specific location). So for the next fifth teen minutes we talked and during those fifth teen minutes another person came seeking help with counselling rehabilitation. So Donna worked with the person as I listed to the information about how Bluffton Self Help could offer help. In addition I even asked the person if I could help them with their rehabilitation but the respectfully declined since I

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